About Beedo.net team

Hi, welcome!

My name is Rimas, I represent team of Beedo.net . We do 4 things:

  • project and teamwork management software Beedo
  • business management training services
  • mobile payments  veromobile.eu through sms in Baltic countries   and
  • text sms (bulk sms) sending software Beedo SMS

This blog is dedicated to publish real life business management experiments benefits and errors using software.

What we strive for:  constantly grow in personal and team effectiveness and share the results with You here or in Your office.

What we do for that?  Everyday we do project management and teamwork experiments, check hypothesis and result, and eventually build software with know-how and publish it to You.

Beedo evolution.  Why we started?

21 century is marked, when oil will finish. Actually now oil prices are getting higher like flood, which always wave taking more and more of shore. Please check the fact sheet before reading further if You did not follow up prices of oil.

Does it seem simple? Why to worry, when somebody solves it:

  • alternative energy, hydrogen engines, nucleus energy or
  • “I do not use oil or use it a little, (but  my apartments is heated, using coal, gas or electricity from oil based power plants)”.

It is enough to know that sun generators now are at ~20%, diesel engines ~65% efficiency rate and this century we will be short of energy generally: food, oil, gas, coal or atom.

Personal and team efficiency is sure solution depending directly upon us

Lets get back to main idea. If no oil, then what?

1 liter of gasoline makes benefit as much as 8 labor hours (say approximately but direction is OK). When oil price is up what has to go up, to maintain our comfort?

Yes – our personal and organizational effectiveness. So in figures – what You do in 8 hours today, You have to do in 1 hour in 10 years.

This is the problem we target to solve through personal and organizational productivity. Welcome to join as a partner, client or scientist to unite efforts!